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Green screen and your video budget

Green screen and your video budget

February 12, 2013

Wouldn’t it be nice to shoot your next commercial in Italy. After all, it’s for a great frozen Italian pizza that has the leaning tower on the packaging, Then you get the news, it’s not in the budget to shoot in Italy. If only there was another way…

Well, there is. Today green screen technology and lighting have come a long way. A studio with a good green screen set up can have you standing in front of an exotic location, in an executive board room, or walking through your car dealership with out actually being there.

Quite often talent may be super imposed using live video or even high quality 35 mm digital photography. If the lighting in the green screen studio matches the lighting in the background scene, no one is the wiser.

The bottom line: Quite often a video company can shoot a live commercial at, lets say a furniture store. At the same time they can shoot additional footage without talent, thus building a library for the next six commercials. Now they only have to shoot talent in the studio and do the compositing and editing in the post production. A typical campaign like this could save up to $10,000. Check out some of our green screen examples and see if you can tell the difference.

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