Experience The Magic at Sound and Vision Media

At Sound and Vision Media, a Boston Video Production company, it was not our first time working with animals. This production was special because it was our first time working with a rabbit.

We needed to use the talents of a superior valve company and a skilled magician inside our studios. This was to promote a new, amazing value actuator which can be controlled remotely. This is quite a big deal in the valve industry. It’s not too hard to believe when it comes from one of the World’s most respected leaders and mavericks in Valve production and Valve accessories; Asahi of America.

This was not our first video production for Asahi of America, nor will it be the last. Because of the uniqueness of this specific series of valve accessories from Asahi, a Magician, a Rabbit were absolutely necessary to announce them. When there is a major breakthrough within the valve industry it is so incredible. It creates such a breakthrough that know one would believe it, then it seems “Magical.”

Here is a sneak peak from just a few seconds of the video that the team at Sound and Vision Media, a Boston Video Production company, captured inside our Boston Video productions studios. And yes, the rabbit really did come out of the hat!

Stay tuned for some real magic and some amazing breakthroughs in the valve industry that could only come from a company like Asahi of America.

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