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Richardson’s Dairy & Ice Cream

Richardson’s Dairy & Ice Cream

January 14, 2020

Richardson’s Dairy, based in Middleton, MA, is famous for their great dairy products, especially their ice cream.

What separates them from other ice cream manufacturers is that they raise their own cows on their own land just to produce the milk for their ice cream.

It’s an interesting story that Richardsons Dairy wanted to tell, so they hired Sound & Vision Media to produce both a corporate video and a new web site for them. The video is shown at two of their locations, in Middleton at their main location and at Jordan’s in Reading.

The video tells the history of the Richardsons Dairy and maps the process your ice cream goes through, from cow to cone. Our production team worked closely with the Richardson family for more than a year to create a corporate video that was both informative and enjoyable to watch.

Richardsons Dairy Richardon's Ice Cream Middleton, MA Sound and Vision Media

Richardsons is a dairy farming family that has been serving finest homemade dairy products for generations.  We take our history seriously and endeavor to honor it by maintaining the highest standards for our products.  Customers who discovered us as children relive the nostalgia of their youth and continue the tradition today by bringing their children and grandchildren.

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