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December 6, 2018
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Green Screen Shoot with Christina Kostoulakos

We took a quick pic during our latest video shoot with Christina Kostoulakos in our green screen studio at Sound and Vision Media for Boston Cosmetic and Laser Centers.

Green Screen Boston - Sound and Vision Media

The talented, Boston based actress, Christina Kostoulakos visited Sound and Vision Media to shoot some additional information that focuses on a new cosmetic procedure offered by the Boston Cosmetic and Laser Centers.

Thanks so much for a great job Christina!

Christina Kostoulakos - Green Screen Shoot with Christina Kostoulakos

Christina Kostoulakos

About Christina Kostoulakos:

I think now more than ever, there are amazing opportunities for women!

Women are truly standing their ground and standing up for what they believe in and their voices are being heard! There are so many more women nowadays in managerial positions and I truly think that we are being taken more seriously. Look at the industry I am in – so many women directors are finally being noticed. The feature film that I am in, ‘Sweeney Killing Sweeney,’ was directed by an incredible female director, Lisa Aimola. My dear, talented friend Jordan Tofalo, is also an incredible director who’s work is being noticed as well.

There are also so many more plus size models now, and while there is still body shaming happening, I see more and more women embracing their bodies and themselves for who they are. Women are feeling more accepted now for who they are. I think Instagram and other social media are wonderful outlets that provide opportunities for women to have and grow businesses as well. There are so many marketing companies that market health and beauty products where women are becoming successful!

I think women, in general, are gaining more respect and I think if we all continue to support each other, it will only keep getting better and better!


Christina Kostoulakos - Green Screen Shoot with Christina Kostoulakos

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