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Sound & Vision Media’s 2020 Demo Reel!

July 16, 2020
You will view a lot of new video production content and exciting footage. Also, within the demonstration reel, you will get a brief glimpse into the future of medical videos in Boston, MA. It is Read more

The Breeze Bag – The Ultimate Beach Bag

July 3, 2020

***     *** ABOUT Designed for sun, sea, sand & fun, The Breeze is the ultimate beach bag. Configurable, organized, convertible, adaptable, and it’s built to last so it’s ready for whatever adventure awaits.

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Something BIG is coming to your TV screen! Chris Neville, Jordan Tofalo and Chris Stien visit Video Production Company, Sound and Vision Media!​

June 23, 2020
Sometimes a video production company has the chance to observe a professional film or television series production months before it’s aired! All this occurred last Thursday at Boston video production company, Sound and Vision Media. Read more

“Hey, so how did that television commercial work out for you?”

June 18, 2020


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Creating T.V. commercials and online video campaigns that boost your business!

June 16, 2020


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