Advanced Food Light Photography Retouching Techniques:

Food Light Photography

Before Sound and Vision started in the Boston video production scene, we started in the food light photography world over 30 years ago. In the following video, you will hear a little about advanced photograph retouching techniques for food photography. We travel to a local restaurant, Bread of Dreams of Lynn, MA to film some of the restaurant’s more popular items. Owner, Mark Helms will walk you through the importance of:

– Photography lighting

– Proper food setting placements

– Techniques that can really work in your favor when getting the best shots possible

It is all about capturing the essence of what makes a good food photograph a great one. Setting the right aperture on your camera and using the perfect lens for each food photography shot is key. Also, we see that involving the right people and actors to complement each food photography shot is very important. We appreciated the opportunity of working with the entire team at Bread of Dreams in Lynn, Ma.

Display Ideas

We’ll also talk about an easy and affordable way to display your beautiful food shots throughout the restaurant on durable foam board to help triple your food sales and how proper placement of these photos in the restaurant really has a big impact on improving and up-selling every single client! Enjoy the food photography video where you can see just how our photo production team and our in-house creative, headed by Mike ADV help assure that in the re-touching process, you can achieve perfection in the world of food photography.

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