4 More Beginners Video Editing Tutorials

For beginners, video editing can be overwhelming. Here are some short video editing tutorials from Youtube that can help you out. These tutorials are for Premiere Pro, but there are other programs out there, as well. Check out our previous post for more videos!

1. How to ZOOM IN AND OUT in Adobe Premiere Pro CC Tutorial


Zooming out is a simple effect that this tutorial can teach those just starting out how to do.

2. How To Add & Edit VIDEO EFFECTS in Premiere Pro CC 2021 // Tutorial for Beginners!

By Shawn Dolinski


3. How to Import Media Into Premiere Pro 2022 – NEW UPDATE

By Tyler White

This tutorial can help beginners figure out one of the most basic things to do in Premiere Pro: Importing Media.

4. EVERY Tool in the TOOLBAR Explained (Premiere Pro Tutorial)

By Premiere Basics

A beginner should know all of what Premiere has to offer. This tutorial will explain all of the tools that are available and what they do.

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