Attorney Leonard Spada Video Marketing

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30 Second TV Commercials - Attorney Leonard Spada
Attorney Len Spada 30 Second TV Commercials – English & Spanish
January 5, 2017

Attorney Leonard Spada Video Marketing

Attorney Leonard Spada - 30 Second TV Commercial

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30 Second TV Commercial for Attorney Leonard Spada.  

The video was shot on location at his law offices in Chelsea, MA.  

In addition, the Sound and Vision Media green screen studio was utilized to produce nine different testimonials of satisfied clients.

All of the new video content will be added to his new website and the 30 second TV commercial will become part of his integrated brand marketing campaign for TV and Web.

About Attorney Leonard Spada / Website: Spada Law Group

Leonard Spada and the Spada Law Group concentrates his practice in the areas of civil and criminal litigation.

Leonard Spada has extensive experience in litigating both personal injury and criminal matters. Upon graduating from Boston College Law School in 1991, Leonard accepted a prestigious one year appointment as a judicial clerk for the Justices of the Massachusetts Superior Court. It was during this time that Leonard worked closely with the Judges of the Superior Court assisting them in deciding matters that came before the court in both civil and criminal trials. The clerkship was a valuable opportunity for Leonard to learn the practice of law from some of the finest legal minds in Massachusetts.


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