1 Billion Dollars In Sales WOW!

1 Billion Dollars Sales

Simply amazing work from our client Stacey Alcorn and her award-winning team at LAER Realty! 1 billion dollars in sales is no small feat! Stacey Alcorn is a very well known CEO of Boston-based Laer Realty Partners. She has a law degree and has consulted with Sir Richard Branson owner of the Virgin Group. Stacey owns and operates many other businesses in the greater Boston area. These include a consulting firm, a law firm, and a unique fashion line. She is also the author of one of Mark Helms, owner of Sound and Vision Media’s, favorite book called REACH!

Stacey is a very unique and amazing person who is also a brilliant writer. Her stories are even featured in the Huffington Post. In fact, Stacey wrote a very nice article about Mark Helms, owner of Sound and Vision Media, for the Huffington Post. Her successful real estate empire has served nearly 3,000 clients, gaining 1 Billion dollars in revenue year to date. Quite an admiral achievement indeed for such a young professional who is well-rooted within the Boston community.

Stacey has had remarkable success and it is clear that she knows what is best for her company. That is why she came to us over at Sound and Vision Media! She heard about our extensive work done throughout the Norfolk, Essex, Middlesex, Suffolk, and Barnstable county areas and knew that we could make her vision become a reality. Our experienced team has been helping companies grow for 30 years and we are still growing!

Super congratulations from all of our team here at Sound and Vision Media, a Boston video production company. 1 billion dollars is quite the accomplishment! We are so glad we could help you with your recent video production! We wish you even more sales till the end of this year, Stacey Alcorn! If you would like to take a look at the recruiting video created, written and produced for Stacey Alcorn and LAER Realty click here. To find out even more about the amazing Stacey Alcorn, stop by your local LAER Realty location. You can also read more about her in Entrepreneur Magazine.

For all of your video production needs, come over to Sound and Vision Media! Our number one priority is our clients, and giving them a production that they can be proud of. Our team is always thinking of unique and exciting ideas for you. We also have an in-house green screen studio that would be perfect for any production. Whatever you may have in mind for your company, we can make it a reality!

If you have any questions, or want a free consultation, call us at (781)284-9707. We hope to hear from you soon!

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