What is WebAdz?

Does your website need something extra? Does it need some real pizzazz? Imagine a live talking spokesperson on your website.

Step up to the new revolution in online advertising! Sound & Vision Media, Boston’s leading video production facility, presents WebAdz.

WebAdz can give your website something unique that will make it stand out from other websites. WebAdz gives you the ability to add state-of-the-art audio production and video production, to your existing site.

Instead of having a static site, you can now have a talking spokesperson, who will speak directly to anyone who logs on.

With Sound and Vision Media’s Webadz, you will always have a professional spokesperson on your website to welcome viewers, and to direct your potential new customers easily through your website.

The talking spokesperson on your site is recorded in HD, here, in our spacious shooting studio on a green screen against a seamless cyclorama.

In today’s online world, rich media, such as interactive Flash applications, audio presentations, and video presentations are captivating and stimulating today’s web audiences.

As you listen to the audio and video on Sound & Vision Media’s WebAdz, you will quickly realize that it is far superior than what you will find on any other website on the WorldWide Web today. The reason we are the best is because first and foremost, Sound & Vision Media is a production company. Our quality clearly stands apart from the competition.

To make your brand or product truly visible, you need WebAdz. Providing this visual connection to your site will result in an increase in web traffic and generate interest from new and current clients. Contact us at Sound & Vision Media regarding WebAdz for your site, and increase your business leads.

Reach us at:
1-800-875-VIDEO or