Video Production Services Near Boston, MA

Video Production Services Near Boston, MA

Full-Service Video Production Company near Boston, MA

When you’re looking for expert video production services near Boston, MA, Sound & Vision Media is here for you. Our full-service video production company tackles a variety of projects that help businesses and individuals with branding, marketing and more. Whether you’re dreaming of TV commercials, medical video production or corporate videos, our team is ready to complete whatever task you desire.

Sound & Vision Media has been at the forefront of the video production industry since it was launched in 1972 by Howard Cook. Back then, we focused on Boston video and audio recording production, but our repertoire has expanded considerably throughout the four decades we’ve been in business. From marketing videos and viral videos for the web to green screen videos and post-production work, we’re a full-service media company that strives to deliver exactly what our customers are envisioning. Sound & Vision Media also has experience with music video production and converting VHS tapes to DVDs.

When it comes to the video production process, we can help you every step of the way. Our team will assist with the concept development, script writing and casting, if you so wish. From there, we’ll film, edit and distribute your videos. Best of all, everything is done in-house so you know you’ll be working with the talented team time and time again, and you can feel confident that the end result will be impressive.

Sound & Vision Media is a quick drive from downtown Boston, allowing residents across Greater Boston to discover our superior video services. Simply hop onto US-1 N and drive for about 5 miles to the exit labeled MA-60 E/Squire Rd. in Revere. From the traffic circle, take the first exit onto Squire Rd. heading to Revere, and you’ll see Sound & Vision Media on your right-hand side.

Sound & Vision Media is a Video Production Company near Boston Serving:

Massachusetts & New England

Phone: 781-284-9707

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Full Service Production
Motion Graphics
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Full Concept Development
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Video Crews
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4K Cameras & Editing
Full Animation
Corporate Video
Sales Videos
Website Videos
DVD Authoring

Promotional Videos
Educational Videos
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